iDarts app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 2961 ratings )
Games Entertainment Simulation Sports
Developer: Swamiware LLC
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Nov 2008
App size: 3.99 Mb

The best dart game available for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Enjoy the most popular variations of darts played today
-Cut-throat cricket
-1001 **
-High score
-Around the clock
-51 Fives
-Golf **
-Shanghai **

Dont know how to play these? Dont worry, weve included help screens to tell you how!

1) Hold your iPhone in front of you and with a steady hand tilt to line up the target.
2) TAP once to set the aim.
3) Use the same dart flicking motion you use with real darts, with a simple throwing action, you toss your dart.

Note: Use the ARROWS on screen to zoom in and out and view the chalkboard.

Introducing the most fun and realistic dart game for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Darts has always been one of my favorite games.
Either getting together with a bunch of buddies to play, or practicing alone, it’s a fun way to kill some time.

Now you can enjoy the same dart games youve come to love, on your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Weve spend the majority of our development time porting this experience to the iPhone, because we understand that this is what darts is all about. Our entire play mechanic is just like real darts!

We measure the orientation of the phone and velocity it is moving to determine how straight and how strong your shot is. The more consistant you are with your motion, the better you will be ( just like in real darts! )

Give it a try and see if this isnt the most realistic dart game you have ever played, on ANY SYSTEM!

Email us with your thoughts at we would love to hear from you.

Packed full with these great features...

- Play in either landscape or portrait modes.

- Play with up to 4 friends, or play alone against the competitive CPU player.

- Stunning 3D graphics, running at a sizzling pace for fast and responsive action.

- Accurate physics model makes your dart move just like in the real world.

- Quit the game anytime ( got a phone call? ) and return to where you left off.

- Aiming, throwing force, throwing direction, all done using the iPhone motion sensors. Just pretend the iPhone is a dart, and youre set!

- 3 CPU levels of play ( and no, none of them will ever shoot perfect games! )

- Artificial intelligence adapts to different strategies depending on difficulty of play and point spread.

- Success requires a good strategy in darts. Well give you shot hints during game play, to help improve yours.

Pros and cons of iDarts app for iPhone and iPad

iDarts app good for

Its a great game,really fun but its easy to master and easy 2 beat. It would be 5 stars but now its 0.99$ used 2be free...:(
This game is awesome. Apple please do something about non-smart people leaving reviews because they dont read the instructions. SILLY People this is how you play 1) Tilt around iPhone to AIM 2) Tap screen to save aim point 3) Fling entire phone with dart motion to throw dart. The orientation matters. 4) Use the ARROWS just to zoom in and around to see score on left side I cant believe this GREAT game can get anything less than 5 stars
This game is much more fun than the darts app, just not as polished. I like the throwing method but would frefer to throw my dart with my finger and see the hand on screen going back and forth and side to side similar to Friday night 3D darts, stat tracking would also be nice as well as wifi play. Overall I give this game 5 stars because they started with something good and it only gets better from here if enough of us give them feedback. The game also has allot of variations the other apps dont offer.
Fun game once throwing is figured out. Great graphics! Well worth the price!!
Decided on this game for its multiplayer, and I am not a bit disappointed. Love all the different types of games too. Thanks!
Took a bit to perfect my throwing, as its pretty sensitive to your throw force. Now im pretty awesome, and have even beaten the HARD cpu player a few times! Could use a tournament mode?

Some bad moments

The program is very nice however it would be much nicer if it had flick as an option to throw the dart. It would also be great if you added wifi for multiplayer mode.
Guppy777 - its obvious you work for or are friends with the developer! Come on! EDIT - Guppy777 has hidden his tracks by editing his original ridiculously glowing review down to "fun game". If you didnt work for the company, why would you edit your review after I "outed" you? This is ridiculous. Do not rate your own apps! Its unethical. This game is pretty good. The graphics are OK. Lots of game variations. The AI is also pretty cool. The controls use the accelerometer and are a little hard to get used to. I personally like the touch-based controls of the "Darts" app; also that app feels really polished.
I paid for this yesterday and its free today, what a rip off your lucky you got one star
I am very impressed with this games graphics and phenominal gameplay and AI. The one thing I cant believe is that I havnt played a better dart game ok any console or on the PC. All thats needed is a multiplayer online or something. And this is comming from a 3 time state champion steel tip dart player. GREAT JOB!!!
the lead-in description should read "most annoying dart game app". the control mechanism is novel but makes me wanna crack myself in the head with my phone. its not fun at all! you have to aim by tilting the phone as a "crosshairs" floats on the screen. when you get it where you want to aim you have to tap the screen. well, its as easy as putting a small marble on the screen and trying to get it to stop on a point you wanna aim and then tap the screen. sound like fun yet? then (heres the kicker), you have to motion your iphone as if it were a dart in order to release the dart. can you sense how annoying it would be to do this for each throw? it is a novel mechanism but totally impractical. think...can you imagine someone making an analogous operating mechanism for a pool app? a bowling app? a baseball app? what were they thinking....a Wii type app?? ive honestly tried for five days to get used to this app, and i cant. if youre a masochist, use the three dollars to buy a hammer to hit yourself in the head will be easier to operate, but generate the same amount of headache.
UPdate: Still no response from developer: pointless game without stats and records The interface is good. But this game is entirely pointless without some highscores for each mode, some stats for things like number of rounds played (total and for each mode), total darts thrown (total and for each mode), some challenges, some sort of ladder-based tournament, a way to unlock other darts. You guys have a good idea here but without stats and scores, this is POINTLESS.